Find the Perfect Nursing Job, but First Find a Place you Fit in

People. It is all about the personal relations we have with each other. Finding the right working environment is more important than say, finding the perfect job. Finding a good job is challenging because we simply don’t know for certain what kind of culture we’re about to embark. But we can more powerful if we pay attention to how people interact. You job success depends more on the people you’re with, more than any thing else. And here’s why.

People are more important than things

We don’t have a relationship with things, we live in a world of people. Our associations will determine how well we’re able to perform our job. Not knowing that was a liability for me, for many years. We are better off doing mediocre things with great people then doing great things with mediocre people. Better yet is to do great things with great people, and it can happen if you keep searching.

The nature of nursing

Nursing is unique. Nursing is different from most jobs because everything in nursing demands responsibility. There are lots of stress, people die and strong emotions all around you. This level of intensity generally aggregates intense people. When you find good people in nursing, they are great, but when they are bad they are pretty tough. I’ve encounter more toxic co workers in nursing than in any other profession (and I had a few).

You either fit in or you don’t

It is quite simple. You don’t have to try to fit in, you either do or you don’t. It is pretty obvious in either case. However we are so obstinate in make things work out, we often paint a different reality to fit our rosy expectations; and that can cost you a coupe of bucks.

There is nothing worse than trying to fit in with a crowd you don’t. On the other hand, if you do fit in, it’s undeniable and obvious. There is a joyous and pleasant feeling that lasts throughout the day and goes home with you. You simply know when you fit in, just listen to your intuition.

“If your employer likes you, for whatever reason — he will do anything in order for you to succeed. But on the other hand if he doesn’t, no matter how hard you work, you’ll never be noticed and the smallest mistake can get you fired”

Toxic environments

There are great places out there, but some are rifled with problems. It is not so easy to tell them apart right away. Your judgment might be tainted by your desires of success; after all embarking on a new job is a big investment of time and emotion.

But the naked truth is that there are toxic places out there, and lots of them.

One bad apple can spoil the whole batch

When the boss behaves like an ass, everyone behaves like such, and when the boss is nice everyone emulates the boss. But it doesn’t take a whole lot to poison to contaminate a workplace. One person behaving like a tyrant can the workplace, especially when they are in a position of power. There are a few clues indicating a workplace is toxic:

  • Everyone fears the boss
  • People leave exactly at quitting time
  • Coworkers don’t socialize
  • There is never laughing
  • Workers are constantly jumping ship
  • There is a lot of anger and corner gossiping

“You are better off doing mediocre things with great people than doing great things with mediocre people”

Set your values high

Set your priorities along the social lines. I know is sounds a bit crazy because we don’t go to work to socialize. But remember, you’ll spend 40–50 hours a week with your co-workers. That is more time than you spend with your friends and family, or even your husband or wife. Don’t waste your precious time in a toxic environment, because if you do, your whole life with become toxic — life is short.

Visit your new workplace and see if you like it. Look for the signs: do you see toxic signs? If you do, don’t take that job

If you take a job but can’t get along with at least one or two people within a few weeks — you have a problem. If your boss calls you frequently to tell you you’re not doing well and you believe you are doing well, you should start wondering. Don’t under underestimate your intuition! If you feel something is going on, most likely there is something going on.

If you boss calls your attention often, he is probably trying to give you a clue that they don’t like you. Don’t ever try to make things work out because they wont. They might not want to keep you there for reasons you’ll never know. They simply might be trying to find same reason or justification to let you go. In the end, they just hope that you go on your own. Please do them and yourself a favor — leave.

If you start hearing things such as we want to see marked improvement in the next few weeks just prepare your resignation letter right there and then, don’t hesitate for one minute. Leave.

Don’t get attached to any particular place. There are hundreds of places to choose from. Your

patience and resilience will pay off handsomely. Don’t settle for any place just because it means a paycheck, because in the end you’ll end up with no paycheck, no job, and a bitter taste in your mouth. Better just to be without the paycheck for the moment. Keep your integrity, your sanity.

Good luck, persistence will see you through!!

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