Leonardo Del Toro

After a certain point, its all downhill into the loss pit

It is hard to remember my first memory as an infant. A feeling of being alive, I suppose. Seeing people moving around, I didn't need to be told they were my people. The warm milk out of my mother's breast was eternal. And as I recall now, the world was…

I pierced my little dagger right through his ear, but he asked for it

I was looking for something different—a new tool to add to my arsenal. My jewelry-making was starting to work, and I sold things to strangers. I bought food with money from strangers—a success in my opinion.

My earrings were becoming popular with street folks. I had a few returning customers…

Will we ever get enough from our favorite national pastime?

No wonder he never goes away. We keep revisiting, glorifying, and writing articles about the orange tootsie roll. Oh, Sir, you’re such a hypocrite. And yes, I admit I’m cashing in one more time, but this article is not about the orange abort, no sir; it’s about the rest of…

Because resolutions are so last year

Starting this next year, I’ll be good. I’ll go to the gym every day; I’ll start learning a new language; I will help others in difficulties; I’ll eat right— Oh please stop with all that crap!? Ok I lied

Here’s what I’m going to do, and please add anything else…

Leonardo Del Toro

State of the art lover, owns a cave in India, nurse the elderly and the dying. Was a goat in his last lifetime

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