It is so nice to live in a dream, but one day you’ll have to wake up

I have always been interested in illusions. They are so intriguing. Illusions are so attractive they are a form of entertainment, but I see something deeper in them. They’re like seams of the universe or places we peak behind the stage and find out the whole thing was nothing but a show. Our lives are illusions of life.

Our lives are dreams because we are all made of memories. When we die, nothing will be left but memories of who we were. But even before we die, we run our lives out of a memory bank. It is memory all…

Thank you for this great article. I have one Shopify store but I sell my own hand made jewelry. ( I became aware of dropship and would like to give it a shot. Having one product only help me to start at a nice pace. I totally get what you're saying about being in control of your product and developing a relationship with a given product. However when I see these dropship sites and products to upload, I don't see the quality I'm interested. Could you give me the name of some apps that I find higher quality items? Thanks

Doing nothing is much harder than you think

Doing nothing is hard because there is simply nothing to do; a terrifying thing for a lot of people. We run away from nothingness, we use our ever smarter phones, embrace our laptops, endlessly scroll from page to page trying to fill the void. We try to use every second of your time with productivity. We don’t want to waste one minute, and we miss the joys of doing nothing.

Doing something in order to escape our emptiness is often a joyless ride. There is underlying fear. We spend energy seeking something, producing needless things. Reading things, eating things when…

Photo by Farsai Chaikulngamdee

Every crisis offers us growth opportunities like no other because we are forced to think outside the box. Shifting our focus can turn adversities into advantages. Yoga fits so well with our new reality because it is simple, and only requires our dedication.

Yoga is something I lost sight of, but COVID-19 helped me to re discover this precious gem. Sometimes it takes a huge disaster for us to realize simple truths. Yoga can promote powerful changes if you practice consistently. I love what happened to my body and mind, after one year practice. …

The most important moment is when the cold is just getting started

Image credit: Tina Franklin

Common cold sucks, and for as much as it is common, it is uncommonly annoying. Body aches, runny nose, sneezes, fatigue and complete utter misery lasting 10 to 15 days. But it will happen again and again. You can’t cure a cold, but you can sometimes stop it from spreading; first you need to identify exactly when it starts. The moment you come in contact with the virus is your golden opportunity.

You might notice a scratchy sensations on the back of your throat that doesn’t go away. It is a familiar little lumpy spot. …

Jet lag is more than just losing your sleep

Jet lag happens. That’s right, when you travel through several time zones without sufficient time to adjust, something bad happen to us. A problem occurs because we throw our circadian rhythm out of sync by traveling too fast without time to adapt. Traveling from west to east causes the worst type of jet lag.

At home our internal clock has a set time to sleep and another to awake. Several hormones are released when you need to sleep, as well as when you need to be awake. When we’re in jet lag, that is turned upside down.

Sleep deprivation and…

Coriander oil is a powerful natural medicine treating diabetes and many other health issues

Photo by Pratiksha Mohanty on Unsplash

About Coriander

Coriander also known as cilantro, is a popular spice. The oil from the seeds is said to be a powerful panacea. And even though the word panacea is not viewed too highly these days, I digress. Panacea is a Greek word meaning: goddess possessing healing powers for all diseases.

The goddess Panacea had four sisters: Hygieia — the goddess of cleanliness and sanitation; Laso — goddess of recuperation from illness. Aceso — goddess of the healing process; and Agæa — goddess of the beauty, splendor, glory, magnificence, and adornment. Together they perform the art of healing all diseases. …

Hibiscus for High Blood Pressure: How to lower blood pressure drinking the red tea

Photo by Nicole King

Hibiscus tea is a natural medicine I’ve been using for years to lower my blood pressure. Hibiscus not only lowers blood pressure but boost the immune system, lower inflammation and has lots of my vitamin C and antioxidants.

Hibiscus (Hibiscus sabdariffa) belong to the mallow or Malvaceae genus family. Hibiscus is one of several hundred species that are native to temperate, subtropical and tropical habitats around the world.

Species are mainly known for its wide variety of beautiful multicolored flowers. Hibiscus is annual as well as a perennial, and grows in sizes ranging from woody shrubs to small trees. …

Real life tips for Foley catheter insertion when things are not going as you expected

Foley catheter insertions may not seem like a lot of work at first. But sometimes you might be challenged by a difficult female patient with a difficult to locate urethra. Male patients can be challenging too. Here’s my tip list to the rescue

There are two ways to put a Foley catheter — the first is by the book, like you learn in nursing school, the second is how it’s done for real, with real people. In the end of the day, all you need is to do it fast, safely and effectively.

Unlike nursing school your patient is not…

Spoiler alert — our smart devices will not make us happier

Photo by Kevin Grieve on Unsplash

Smart phones are stupid, but they rule. They are a plague, exterminators of awareness. They also reflect of our deepest desires, aspirations to be something more than we are. Their delicious colorful glistering screens are candy for the eye of children who get sucked in by an electric dope. Sleek, shiny and sexy cases hug the hand of the lonely, like a cute girlfriend. Their collection of pretty marbles can be had with a tip of a finger and once touched, open themselves into colorful proxies for happiness. All to an audience of converted zombies, to the obliviously absent and…

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