Are cell phones helping us connect, or making us lonely?

People staring at their phones is such common scene, it is a poster for our times, everybody know that. We can’t wait to check those little shiny screens to escape boredom. But by constantly doing so, we isolate ourselves into remote islands.

We are hopelessly addicted to our phones, myself…

They’re not getting lazy, they’re getting smart

Introspection. Americans have finally become introspective about their life quality, a collective and massive introspection is taking place. Success by any means necessary is on hold. Things like family, friends and the joy of living are being appreciated and have been found to be priceless.

This can be evidenced by…

Don’t think for a moment this will not happen

I can’t believe I wrote this title. But yes, if we’re ever to have a supreme leader, it will be Donald J. Trump. Because he is a supreme leader and just not fully coronated yet. Because the U.S. is so ripe for such political adventure, it will certainly happen. …

An ode to growing old and powerful

Your body has run out of it’s warranty, and loss is your new companion. People you know and love are dead or dying. Your world is shrinking, your home disappeared. No one will give you a break. You suppose to know everything. You’re an obstacle, an obsolesce.

Let’s examine the rationale behind this statement, shall we?

Wanting to die for some kind noble cause is elegant, but that’s not what’s going on here. Why would people choose to take the rickety jungle bridge over the treacherous river? When they see there’s a cement bridge right next to it. …

Let’s go over what a Banana Republic really is, shall we?

Conservative Americans, you are the most take it for granted people in the world. Sorry conservative Americans but you are. Not all of you but the bulk of you have no idea and no appreciation for the things you have. Among many — your democracy.

People who don’t know what…

The makings of the writing rat race

Iam not writing for Medium anymore. I’m writing for myself. I’m not sure who is in control of anything these days. A machine? People, I don’t know. It seems, half the articles I see posted are “how to get people to read you”, “how to get more followers”, and “how…

Do you ever take your big camera on vacations?

That’s it, this time I’m going to France, no more staying home and doing nothing. We’re taking our chances. Covid results in hand, masks in hand and camera in hand. Yes, but should I take my red Nikon D5200 or just take my Samsung phone?

This will be my 4th…

Meditation is not what you think

That, I will not do for you! I yelled angrily and my blood started to boil. How could this person be so toxic? She is a bully, she is horrible and I can’t stand her. She just started to work here telling me what…

A deep view and origins, and how to prevent your kids from overdosing on the sweet stuff from hell

American Halloween festivities begun with new immigrants influx, and the rise of American middle class. Halloween was born out of Irish and Scottish traditions brought to American. By 1845 more then a million Irish migrated to America escaping the dreadful potato blight plague.

In the beginnings Halloween centered around fun…

Leonardo Del Toro

State of the art lover, owns a cave in India, nurse the elderly and the dying. Was a goat in his last lifetime

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